United Way Pledges $91,400 to Change the Story

We are so excited to partner with @unitedwaychi for another year! They granted us $91,400 so we can #changethestory together! #give #advocate #volunteer #chicago #nonprofit #giveback #safetynet #poverty #unitedway #liveunited

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It’s All in the Numbers

Numbers have never really been my friend. When it came to calculations in school, I had a hard time grasping what it all meant. So I focused on my strength - writing - and took a break from math. It wasn't for too long though because when I joined the staff at Loaves & Fishes, I found myself reintroduced to crunching numbers in grant proposals and communications but it was different this time - the numbers made sense and had meaning.

Variety Makes Loaves & Fishes Go Round

When I joined Loaves & Fishes, I marveled at the commitment, loyalty and diversity of volunteer manpower. Each day was more inspiring than the day before as I would learn the stories of our long term volunteers:

the couple who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by starting the day volunteering
the volunteers I see four days every week
the woman who would always come if she wasn’t feeling too ill from her cancer treatment
The 90-year-old couple who work Saturday mornings “if it isn’t too icy out”

I had never heard these stories when I volunteered at a shelter or hospital (both very worthy causes). Why does ongoing service at Loaves & Fishes become an expression of one’s character?

Our services are very personal.

Magnetrol Makes a Difference

Our friends @MagnetrolGlobal donated $250 and volunteered in our grocery market! #CSR #business #leadership #giveback

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The Return to College Ritual

The summer is passing by way too quickly. It seems like we just moved our daughter’s “stuff” home from college and she is already preparing her list of additional “stuff” to bring back to college! It was easier when her school supply list consisted of 8 markers, 4 glue sticks, 10 No. 2 pencils, 4 pens (including 1 red pen), 5 folders, 5 spiral notebooks, a ruler, a protractor and a compass.

YCAN Floats their Boat with 95.9 The River

We will be at Centennial Beach for the #959theriver Float Your Boat for a Cause on Sunday! Will our cardboard and duct tape boat make it across the finish line? Be there from 11-4 to find out! #cardboard #floatyourboat #ducttape #summer #fun #smile #ycan #ypn #millennial #mackayinthemorning

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A Hidden Crisis: Hunger and Poverty in the Military

After reading some recent articles in regards to hunger, one topic that I’m seeing come up more frequently in conversations is veterans and the crisis they are experiencing with hunger and poverty. We hear conversations through news outlets about veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, military suicides, addiction, and other traumas that war has brought upon men and women.

L&F’s New Fiscal Year Brings New Faces

Loaves & Fishes Community Services has welcomed new leaders to assist us in achieving our strategic objectives and to continue alleviating poverty in the western suburbs of Chicago. At Day Without Hunger in June, Megan Selck, Loaves & Fishes’ President & CEO, spoke of transformation in reference to our new grocery market layout, our Client Engagement Model and our Share the Joy volunteer movement.