effective 2/1/2013: Loaves & Fishes Client Flyer (English/Spanish)

Are there income restrictions?

All pantry clients living in Naperville and DuPage County are subject to income restrictions. To qualify for food assistance, your household’s gross monthly income must be within the guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Human Services for their family size.

What if I can’t come in to pick up food?

Any person listed as a member of your household can come to the pantry to pick up food distributions as long as they have the required documents. If no one from your household is available to pick up food, you can designate an individual to act on your behalf. This individual must have a completed proxy form (print form here) and client identification in order to pick up household food.

How often can I pick up food?

Loaves & Fishes serves households in Naperville and DuPage County. All clients within these service areas are able to receive a Client Choice food distribution once every two weeks (14 days).

How can I host a food drive? Donate groceries?

Please visit our Donate Food page for food drive / donation drop off information.


Where can I park?

Disability parking is available to clients who have authorized disability plates or parking placards. Placards must be present in the vehicle. Parking in restricted or prohibited areas is not allowed, even with disability plates and parking placards. Vehicles are also prohibited from parking in any manner that creates a traffic hazard.

View our Updated Parking Map.

Where are we located?

Loaves & Fishes is located at 1871 High Grove Lane, Naperville, IL 60540, in the business park just east of Rt. 59 and south of N. Aurora Rd.

Dónde estamos?

La nueva despensa está situada en el parque empresarial al este de la Ruta. 59 y al sur de N. Aurora Rd.

From N. Aurora Rd & Rt. 59:

Turn south on Route 59 for 0.6 miles, then left at the light on Meridian Parkway/Glacier Park Ave. (at Target). Turn left again at High Grove Lane. Go 0.2 miles to the entrance of the pantry at 1871 High Grove Lane.

Desde N. Aurora Rd. & Rt. 59:

Doble hacia el sur por la Ruta 59 —pasando recto unos .6 de una milla — luego a la izquierda en el semáforo sobre Meridian Pkwy / Ave Glacier Park (en el Target). Doble a la izquierda de nuevo en High Grove Lane. Continue .2 de una milla hasta la entrada de la despensa en 1871 Lane High Grove.

From W. Ogden Ave:

Follow Ogden Avenue (Rt. 34) as it turns south. Turn right on Quincy Avenue. Take a right on High Grove/Fort Hill Drive. Go 0.3 miles to the entrance of the pantry at 1871 High Grove.

Desde W. Ogden Ave:

Siga Ogden Avenue (Ruta 34) en su giro hacia el sur. Doble a la derecha en la Avenida de Quincy. Doble a la derecha en High Grove/ Fort Hill Drive.