Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds, Appreciated Securities and IRA Gifts

We know that kindness and compassion are at the heart of your support. Here are a few ways to contribute that may provide tax benefits for you as well:

  • Donor Advised Fund – They are easy to set-up and are considered one of the most tax-advantageous ways to give. Once the fund is established, you can direct that a donation be made to Loaves & Fishes whenever you wish.
  • Appreciated Securities – Such as stocks and mutual funds, can be donated directly to Loaves & Fishes. Your donation and tax deduction is based on the market value of the security and you avoid paying tax on any appreciated value.
  • IRA – If you’re 70 ½, you can donate directly to Loaves & Fishes from your IRA. A qualified charitable distribution is not taxable and could satisfy some or all of your Required Minimum Distribution.

As always, please consult your tax advisor.

Please let us know if you plan to contribute in one of these ways. Should you wish to contribute appreciated securities, we’ll supply the account and DTC numbers your advisor will need.

Contact Nancy Wiersum at or 630.355.3663 Ext. 117.