Meet the Hobson Oak Artists

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Bruce Kamp

Bruce has lived in Naperville for 40 years. His interest in woodworking comes from his dad, who was a gifted artist. Much of his pleasure derived from the idea of taking a rough piece of wood and turning it into something nice and maybe something useful too. Each new piece is a challenge to continually innovate and solve problems. This is where Bruce finds the real joy in turning.  He has many of his dad’s old tools and part of the joy of this hobby is that he gets to use them.
“I feel like I have just scratched the surface of what there is to learn about turning.” – Bruce Kamp


Tommaso Lesnick

Tommaso Lesnick grew up in Florence, Italy, where he was surrounded by both the art of the Renaissance and the modern artisans who are still the heart and soul of that city. He received a master’s in fine art from the San Francisco Art Institute in the classic discipline of Printmaking and enjoys a successful career in Advertising and Design in Chicago. With a commitment to using local raw materials, a passion to work them by hand, and a desire for functional objects that are at once modern and classic, Tommasomade creates Objects for the Home that have an aesthetic all their own.




Jeff Rudolph

What I enjoy most about woodworking is turning random pieces of lumber or wood slabs into something that is both functional and appealing to look at. I enjoy the process of planning and designing, solving the many challenges including; cutting, joining and finishing the wood. And of course, the inevitable process of fixing mistakes. I rarely use stain or paint on any of my projects, I like the natural beauty of the wood. After years of working with wood I am still in awe of the beauty of the “pop” of the grain of a rough piece of lumber after it is planned, sanded and treated with an amber based finish such as boiled linseed oil.


Bid on the Hobson Oak items until Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 10PM via mobile bidding at