Donate a Car

You can truly transform a life!

Donate an unwanted vehicle and help transform a life! Transportation can provide better employment opportunities for struggling families and individuals, which translates into a brighter future and stronger community.

There is no cost to you for the removal of your vehicle. A car donation to Loaves & Fishes is a qualified donation to a 501 (c) 3 under the US tax law. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your donation.

To donate your car contact: Loaves & Fishes at 630.355.3663 or

Maudree received this donated car and while the license plates were being installed, she called her temp agency to tell them she was now able to accept jobs that required personal transportation. She’d been limited to jobs along public transportation routes. “I am blessed by angels at Loaves & Fishes,” she said.

Marcie relied on public transportation for work which limited her opportunities to gain the independence she wanted. This donated vehicle has opened better employment options for her, and has made her future brighter.          

This man had been riding his bike to work and using Uber to get his family where they needed to go. This donated car gives him the ability to work more hours and gives his family reliable transportation.