Congrats to our 2020 Naperville Youth Service Award


On December 9th,  One of our teen volunteers, Clarice Ong was recognized as one of the 2020 Youth Sercie Award winners by KidsMatter and the Naperville City council.  Mayor Chirico opened the zoom event and then council members read the nominations.
John Krummen read the nomination for Clarice:

am delighted to nominate Clarice Ong for the 2020 Naperville Youth Service award!  Clarice joined Loaves & Fishes Community Services in Ju

ly of 2018.  Right from the start, Clarice was enthusiastic and so positive toward our clients.  Clarice helped out in many ways: sorting our incoming food donations, boxing up foods for outdoor distribution,  working with other teens to clean and merchandise the market (pre-Covid), and this summer she helped outside in the blazing sun as we performed our registration on our HOT remote parking lot.  Clarice has volunteered 281 hours so far, which is a HUGE number for a student! 

I asked Clarice what has inspired her to continue to volunteer every week?  She explained she was deeply moved when she spoke with a client while food shopping in our market and the client said “I can’t take refrigerated foods, I don’t have a refrigerator.”  As a fourteen year old girl Clarice wasn’t aware of a single person that did not have all the comforts that her own family takes for granted.  She elaborated: “it’s the smallest acts of kindness  that can make such a huge difference to a client.”

Clarice is a junior in high school with the goal of studying medicine so that she can continue to help others every day of her life!  We see Clarice quite often and we know we can count on her to put 100 percent into any job that is asked of her.   We are thankful for this young volunteer that has the maturity to use her skills and energy to make the world a better place for others!

Bravo Clarice, and thank you!