Dishing With Dollar Up, Hunger Down Participants

Loaves & Fishes recently celebrated the conclusion of its first Dollar Up, Hunger Down initiative, sponsored by Dine Naperville  and Meson Sabika. The restaurants that graciously participated during September helped raise awareness and funds for struggling families in DuPage County. Last year, Loaves and Fishes provided weekly access to healthy, nutritious food to 4,651 households who identified themselves as food insecure. *

What’s more, 95% of these families said they increased their fruit and vegetable consumption and reported that they felt more confident they could provide a healthy diet for their family.

Loaves & Fishes is grateful for the partnership of Dine Naperville, Meson Sabika, and these participating restaurants.

Learn more below about the three restaurants that collected the most donations!


* Not having enough food to live a healthy life, which can lead to malnutrition and many other health concerns.

“We’ve realized that we don’t just have a commitment to running a business well, but we alos have an attachment to Naperville and its people.” -Penny Gournaris, owner of The Lucky Penny

“We live and work in such a great city and have wonderful employees who have been with us since the beginning.” – Brian Sharko, owner of Sharko’s BBQ

“The family aspect here is what’s important. My dad used to say, ‘Our next new customer may be our next new family member, so treat them all well.'” – Michelle Egizio, owner of Orazio Pub