Jack Pallardy-Giving the Gift of Hope

Giving the Gift of Hope
December 2020

Meet the Jack Pallardy family. Jack and his wife, Lill have made it a holiday family tradition to donate food to Loaves & Fishes. Starting in October, the family begins collecting food. Mr. & Mrs. Pallardy have a large family consisting of six children, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Family from all across the states work together to send money and shop for the big holiday food donation. This year is especially difficult as they lost their mother, Lill. In honor of her and Jack’s 90th birthday, the entire family celebrated and visited Loaves & Fishes to make their donation. This year the Pallardy Family donated over two tons of food!
Maria, one of Jack’s daughters, had this to say; “My dad was looking for something we could do as a family to give back. He is a wonderful cook, so food has always been a large part of our lives.” She explained that her father felt very strongly that everyone has a right to food, which is why he is so passionate about giving back to Loaves & Fishes.
Jack’s only wish is that the tradition is passed on to the next generation, ensuring the Pallardy family continues their holiday tradition of giving back to their community and making a difference in the lives of others.
Thank you, Jack Pallardy and family!
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