My Motivation by Mike McCarthy

Several years ago, while searching for a job, I applied for a fundraising position at L&F. After the initial interview with Charles, I realized my skills weren’t directly in line with the need. What was interesting, as I now know, is the depth in which Loaves & Fishes helps people here in our very own community. It’s been amazing to understand and witness the dedication, involvement and impact this organization has in our area.

I focused my philanthropy efforts on volunteering and donating occasionally. And to be fair, my involvement hasn’t been impactful for the organization, but I’ve helped a bit. And the more I reflected and discerned about my own passions and ability for impactful involvement, the more I recognized I wanted to do more. Like many of you, I contemplated how my involvement could be of value while looking at my available time, talent and treasure.

Early in 2014, I launched my own video production company. We specialize in providing value
based video content to be used on websites and social media outlets by business and
organizations. We are also the first and only company in the western suburbs to offer Vision
View™, a unique technology which provides an elevated video perspective. This past summer I
realized the most impactful way for me to help is to promote Loaves & Fishes via video production and storytelling.

As a videographer, I have a unique and impactful medium to tell of the many initiatives at Loaves & Fishes. I have the ability to highlight the work and its impact. I get to share the story of what it means for a volunteer to enlist their time or a donor to enlist their treasure. I get to use my skills as a catalyst for change in my community by focusing the attention on what L&F does on a daily basis and how impactful and important it is.

I know it can be easy to simply look from afar and allow another day to pass without helping.
Life is a busy and complicated endeavor. Certainly it can be very difficult if your life revolves around not having English linguistic skills. It can be especially hard should assistance be needed with affordable healthcare or understanding tax implications or help is needed with groceries or an electric bill. These mountains seem insurmountable if you are the person in the valley looking skyward. Providing assistance is at the heat of that mission for Loaves & Fishes.

As a witness to this, almost always empowerment comes from within. You can see it in people.
Most often a little bit of assistance is all that’s required to move a person beyond their current situation. The value of the empowerment gift is so transformational that often times a volunteer with speak of how much they’ve benefited by giving. The administration and volunteers see this transformation in those who need every day. I think that is the untold story of what L&F represents. It certainly doesn’t come without a lot of hard work and collective effort but the process is transformative to everyone involved.

This is why I want my company’s philanthropic endeavors to be involved. I want to lend a hand
in letting our community know that people are in need and perhaps even right next door. I want
to craft the message of what L&F is doing to empower those people and change their future. I
want to elevate the story of challenge and success that L&F is dedicated to grapple with

As a unique fundraiser initiative this holiday season we are selling a few pictures shot with
Vision View™. These photos make for a really special and unique gift. These photos are also
available as imprinted puzzles, mugs and other unique printed gift ideas. Half the proceeds are given back to the special work of Loaves & Fishes. You can access the offering from the Partner page of the VisionAir website or visit This is the first of other limited photo offerings we will be providing for purchase in 2015 for
Loaves & Fishes.

Mike McCarthy
VisionAir Chicago