CARES Update

As you’re likely aware, on July 1, 2016 Loaves & Fishes merged with Naperville CARES. We have been working to integrate physical space and systems to combine CARES programs with existing L&F Empowerment Programs. Loaves and Fishes CARES Programs now offers all non-food services from both organizations.

In addition to services previously provided at L&F the two main services offered previously at Naperville CARES will be added. The car program helps clients maintain or gain employment. All donated vehicles are accepted regardless of condition. Those that are too expensive to be repaired are sold at auction and the funds are used to fix the cars that can be given to clients.

The emergency assistance program helps local families in financial crisis meet their essential needs by providing financial support and resources. Clients provide detailed documentation and meet with a trained volunteer to illustrate eligibility. The Resource Committee reviews each file and if approved, works with local and agencies and congregations to put together a financial package to provide the best outcome possible for the client.