Announcing Virtual Food Drive

Loaves & Fishes Community Services is excited to announce a new way to get involved in the fight to end hunger, with their new Virtual Food Drive. “You click, families eat!”

Loaves and Fishes Community Services is making it easier to help families in need with the Virtual Food Drive. With just a few clicks at, every day of the year, you can purchase healthy food products at discounted prices that are most needed by the clients.  This will help ensure that the shelves will continue to be stocked with nutritious food for the clients.

If you or your group is thinking of hosting a food drive or wants to give back, the Loaves & Fishes Virtual Food Drive offers a simple and convenient way to do just that. Through the Virtual Food Drive, you can purchase high demand healthy products, such as milk, eggs or baby formula.  Your dollars will also go further with the Virtual Food Drive because of Loaves & Fishes’ cooperative buying power.

“The Virtual Food Drive was created to benefit our clients by providing them with more healthy food. It allows supporters to complete a food drive in 60 seconds, rather than spend time going to the store to purchase food at retail prices, bring it back to their location, assemble it, and then bring it to Loaves & Fishes,” said Mike Havala, President and CEO of Loaves & Fishes. “Through the Virtual Food Drive, which is available every day of the year, our supporters can buy the exact healthy food that our clients need at a substantially reduced price.”

Transform lives and make a lasting impact today by visiting the Virtual Food Drive.