Connecting with Betsy: Volunteer Spotlight

By: Allie Wenzel, Loaves & Fishes Intern

Betsy began volunteering at Loaves & Fishes in sorting fresh product and stocking shelves and then became a market volunteer. She currently volunteers at the front desk answering calls and assisting clients with program questions. She decided to volunteer at Loaves & Fishes after retiring from being an educator in District 203 and wanted to spend her time at an organization she felt passionate about. Betsy has always felt strongly about social justice issues and with that, “[She] really cared about people being hungry, especially kids with [her] background as an educator.” While being at the front desk, she connects with clients in person and over the phone answering questions and guiding them through the process to feel welcome and comfortable. It is obvious Betsy enjoys her time at the front desk as she is always smiling, has a positive attitude and is so kind to every client knowing she can make a difference. She certainly makes everyone who comes through Loaves & Fishes leave feeling welcomed. Loaves & Fishes has such a great community between the clients, volunteers, and staff that to Betsy, “It seems like there is someone each day you can have a special connection with.” This motivates her to continue what she’s doing and strive to make everyone’s day better. Betsy’s service in the community extends beyond volunteering for Loaves & Fishes. She is also involved as a volunteer at her church, Grace United Methodist, where she is a Vacation Bible School Coordinator and former Sunday school teacher. Betsy’s involvement is inspiring and we thank her for contributing her time to make our community a better place.