Giving Tuesday is a Global Day of Giving…

Giving Tuesday is a Global Day of Giving, and Your Dollars Will Be Matched
 Loaves & Fishes Now Serving More than 6,000 per Week

Giving Tuesday is a global movement unleashing the power of generosity. Tuesday, November 29, is a day dedicated to inspiring people to give their time, talent, and donations to non-profit organizations in the spirit of celebrating generosity.

With the help of BMO Bank and generous donors, this year, Loaves & Fishes has the opportunity to receive $105,000 in matching funds on Giving Tuesday. This means that your donation could have double the impact for struggling families.

Loaves & Fishes Community Services is working diligently to keep up with a tremendous increase in need. The number of people the organization serves has doubled since January of 2022, to over 6,000 people each week. 

Families across the country have been experiencing the highest inflation in forty years. Those living in poverty or low income are the hardest hit, struggling to meet their basic needs and forcing them to choose between paying for food, housing, transportation, healthcare or clothing. With the double impact of the increase in need and the increase in the cost of food, Loaves & Fishes is also spending more on food to meet demand.

The Loaves & Fishes CARES team answers twenty to thirty calls a day from people in our community needing emergency assistance. With the rising cost of housing and utilities, it is challenging for many people to keep their heat on and pay for rent. Loaves & Fishes emergency assistance keeps people housed, avoiding eviction. The good news is that Loaves & Fishes is seeing results. Last year 98% of clients who benefitted from the Emergency Assistance Program became more self-sufficient.

“We anticipate that the record numbers of families needing help will increase even more over the winter months,” says Mike Havala, CEO and President of Loaves & Fishes. “Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to double your impact due to the matching dollars available to us.”

During this Thanksgiving season, Loaves & Fishes anticipates distributing more than 2,500-holiday meals. On Giving Tuesday, this global day of generosity, people have an impactful opportunity to help the growing number of people who visit Loaves & Fishes each week.