Jenny’s Gracious Gesture

Last year, a client wrote Loaves & Fishes a thank-you letter detailing her gratitude and the dignity and compassion she encountered in our market. Jenny generously agreed to appear in a video to read excerpts from that letter. You can view the video here.

Earlier this month, Jenny notified Loaves & Fishes of some incredible news – she would no longer need our services! Her family was financially stable.

She and her husband Aaron wanted to give a meaningful gift to show their appreciation to our organization. Jenny remembered that the children who visit our facility are able to choose a children’s book from the waiting area and take it home. She had noticed the children’s joy as they carefully chose their books. She decided that books would be her thank you gift and posted donation requests on social media. The response was tremendous, and Jenny and her family drove all over town to collect an astounding 2,200 books!

They delivered the books to Loaves & Fishes before the market opened on a Tuesday morning so that they could personally tell the volunteers and staff how much their experience impacted their family.

Jenny also presented another letter – a final, touching account of her gratitude to Loaves & Fishes. The letter illustrates her positive, inspiring attitude toward hardship and hope, and her perception of true riches.

“[Being rich] means that you have family and friends to enjoy this life with, that you can see the kindness in someone unexpected, that you can feel a blessing within a disaster, that you can be a blessing to someone else, that you can find joy in simple things.” – Jenny

Our entire organization – board, staff & volunteers – has been moved by Jenny’s gracious gesture, and we are grateful.

Read Jenny’s entire letter here.