Moving Up From Poverty: Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Eighteen months ago, Loaves & Fishes embarked on a journey to help individuals change their lives. In January of this year we launched our first “Moving UP” session which is a sixteen week program where clients investigate the impact poverty has had on their lives. The goal of the program is to have participants create a plan for the life that they want, which will enable them to create their own bright future stories.

Karen Smith Wells has been instrumental in the implementation and success of our Moving UP program. Not only did she facilitate our first 16 week workshop, but she continues to bring an unprecedented level of energy, compassion, and inspiration to our program.

From poverty to success, trials to triumph – Karen Smith Wells is a “life leader”. She’s enjoyed a 20 year career as an executive and leader in corporate America, retiring at age 45 as Vice President of the McDonald’s Corporation.

Karen is now the President and CEO of the AIW Group, a company she founded based on her passion for philanthropy, diversity and inclusion. She is committed to helping the underserved in both the community and workplace.

Karen transparently shares her triumphant life leadership story grounded in her faith and dedicated to help, encourage and inspire others.

View live presentation below.

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