Nurturing Partnerships: Sharing the Spotlight

Excerpt from “Your Cause Marketing Edge” blog:

One of the key elements of successful partnerships is the ability to share the spotlight. As the struggle to stand out in a crowded field continues to grow, this trait is often overlooked. Workplace and industry competition are keen, so the pressure to achieve short-term recognition can sometimes overshadow the long-term goodwill created from being identified as part of a successful team.

When the spotlight is shared appropriately, it demonstrates that group members:

Respect the contributions of all parties. Each partner brings a unique element to the table that merits everyone’s respect. Even a seemingly small contribution could be surprisingly difficult to replace.
Care about the overall outcome, not just their portion. True functionality is achieved through a combination of efforts.
Understand that a successful collaboration allows each contributor to shine. Even if several people perform the same role in a large project, each brings a special perspective or ability to advance the goal. For example, several engineers on a complex undertaking own different aspects of the job, just as different organizations may provide connections and strengths to a consortium.

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