Thank you, for making a difference

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.

We will continue to share stories and quotes on this post, from clients.
Keep checking back once a month for an update on how our community is making a difference and transforming lives.


June 2020,
A newly unemployed, single father of three, needed assistance. He quickly found a new job, but it meant relocating his family to Naperville.   Loaves & Fishes was happy to assist with his security deposit and helped him secure housing close to his new job. This assistance has allowed him to spend more time with his family and less time commuting, a win for the entire family! 


July 2020,
A new mother asked for assistance with rent because her husband, the sole income provider, lost his job. The family was not eligible for traditional federal assistance. Thanks to our generous community partners, we were able to help these new parents. Additionally, we connected the family to an organization that supports new mothers, where she qualified for further assistance. Meanwhile, her spouse is shifting to a new career and is excited about being able to work again soon!

August 2020

A single mother of 2 lost her temp job when the office closed due to COVID-19. She continued to look for work as she waited for unemployment insurance. This determined woman was able to secure a new job where she can work from home but not until July. Meanwhile, her lease was set to expire in July and needed help with paying her June rent before the leasing office would consider renewing it. Thanks to our community partners, we were able to complete a package to help her pay her rent and get her lease renewed.