Volunteer Chat

Margie Tarpey began her Naperville CARES tenure in 2001 as volunteer and President of the Board when it was housed within the L&F warehouse. She joined L&F as an intake volunteer in 2010 and her husband Tom followed in 2011 working in distribution. After raising their 3 children and retiring from successful careers. the Tarpeys, who also have 8 grandchildren, have been active volunteers in the community.

Margie has since transitioned into public benefits at L&F. It fulfills a desire the retired nurse manager has always had to serve others. “I love the enjoyment of helping people understand the system and navigate its complicated aspects,” she said.She relayed the story of a recent client who had difficulty understanding how to read an invoice and inadvertently overpaid $2500 toward her health insurance premium over two years.

The company would only offer a credit against her account instead of a refund even though Margie had explained to them that the over-payment equaled twenty-five percent of the client’s annual income. It took more than a month of communications with the healthcare company before a refund was issued. “She was so delighted and appreciative,” said Margie, recalling the hugs and thank you card she’d received. Both Tom and Margie are excited for the future of Loaves and Fishes and its CARES Programs. “The two combined are dynamite and will enhance the community; together the food and non-food services can offer so much to people that aren’t as lucky as we are.”